Professional Learning Day for Primary & Secondary Teachers @ Tech School

This is a unique opportunity teachers to work with the Tech School team of experts, to gain a lived experience through on of our Design Challenges, as well as gain the required skills to deliver Design Challenges in-school.

Teachers will gain understanding of the Tech School Innovation Model and hands on learning, developing a range of prototypes through sketching, cardboard design, 3 D modelling and printing, and circuitry/ electronics.

Date: 11 December 2018

Time: 9.30 – 2.30

Location: Banyule Nillumbik Tech School, 61 Civic Drive Greensborough


2019 STEAM CLUB – Escape Room

The STEAM Club has been designed for teachers to implement in their school.

STEAM Club is a collaborative learning opportunity for students to get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Arts related activities.

Over a six week block, students will use the concept of an Escape Room to construct a number of puzzles & challenges.  In the final week, students will exhibit their puzzles as an escape room experience for other students, teachers and or family members to ‘play’.

Students will research, design & construct their own puzzles that sit within a futuristic narrative & form part of an interactive game.  They will work collaboratively as a team, think creatively & use problem solving skills.

Teachers should contact to register to register in the 2019 Escape Room Challenge.

All learning materials will be provided upon registration.

Projection Animations with ACMI

We are looking to create a bit of “White Night” in Greensborough through the Tech School.  The building itself has some great surfaces for a projection canvas and we are looking to light it up for the opening.  In collaboration with our partners ACMI, this event took students from Greensborough College and St Helena College into Studio 2 of ACMI to have a hands on workshop creating animations to be projected at the opening event.

The students came to the session with a range of photographs on a USB. These included iconic images from their local area and things that are special to the student. Alongside this, the students created stop motion animations and animations using people.  Reflections from the students involved highlighted the value of being able to work with industry professionals who could guide them through the process and present new ideas.
All this media was edited and combined together to build a bright and playful projection that will look spectacular projected on the Tech School building itself.

The Science of Sound Synethesis

This production engaged five students from Bundoora College in forming an ensemble to explore music composition using a range of recording, sequencing and performance devices. Over two days of exploration and composition the VET music students developed an understanding of electronic instruments and worked collaboratively work to design and perform a piece of music to be performed live.
In partnership with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS), the students were able to have access to equipment and expertise that cannot be found elsewehere in the the world. MESS has a collection of some of the rarest and most valuable electronic instruments in existence and has the philosophy that these need to be used and enjoyed.  Robin Fox, artist and director of MESS introduced the students to electronic music and how it fuses art, science and technology.  This opened the students minds to new possibilities and a deeper appreciation of sound engineering.
In all, it was a stimulating two days of discovery and a lot of fun!
The culmination of the workshop will be a live performance of the students’ composition at the opening of the Tech School.


Tech Fest Launch at NGV

The Launch of Techfest took place at the National Gallery of Victoria.  Students from Diamond Valley College were able to participate in the day’s activities.
The Minister for Education James Merlino joined Tech School students for the launch of Tech Fest and embarked on the Melbourne Design Week Challenge ‘e-waste evolution’.

As part of the Design Challenge, the students deconstructed e-waste, in the form of old laptops, and used recycled components to re-purpose into new products.

As an extra treat, the students go a guided tour of the Triennial Exhibition. The NGV Triennial showcases the use of STEM across mediums including fashion, furniture and interior design, and like Tech Schools, Melbourne Design Week and the NGV Triennial show what design thinking can achieve and how sustainability is critical to our future.

The Tech Schools and the NGV have discussed many ways that they may collaborate, and today’s Design Challenge is the first event of many more to come!